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National Computer Board

ICT for citizens

In line with its mission of e-powering people, the National Computer Board (NCB) which operates under the Ministry of ICT has been driving various projects with the aim to promote digital literacy and to pave the way for an information-based society in Mauritius.

The Government is fully aware of the enormous contribution of the ICT sector towards the economy in terms of GDP and employment, especially when we are undergoing through a financial turmoil. Taking into consideration the enormous contribution of the ICT sector, the government is determined to develop the ICT sector as the most important pillar of our economy. Eventually for the ICT sector to reach its optimum pace, it is important to have an important percentage of ICT literacy among the population.

The NCB, being the Governmental agency responsible for the promotion of ICT in Mauritius has implemented important projects to further reduce the digital divide and harness a healthy ICT culture in the community.

The projects undertaken by the NCB for e-powering people are:

 ICT Skills Development Programme